Article By: Derek Coe, CPD Mark Assessor Published Date: 05/05/2016 The school Leadership were able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the principles of a universal entitlement to CPD: Training and Development for all teaching and support staff. CPD entitlement is seen as a transparent process, which is accessible and measured. One which is well directed through the offices of the Assistant Principal: CPD and supported through the dedication and drive of the Lead Practitioner: Post 16. The leadership use all available resources to support that holistic philosophy and are proud of the achievements gained in recent years. The process is seen as comprehensive, holistic, robust, well documented and universal. The activities are extensive and are often bespoke to the needs of the individual or development area being explored. It is used effectively to provide teaching and support staff with the knowledge, skills and content to support their own and pedagogical development. Abbey Grange is a friendly and welcoming environment in which the community fellowship and the values of the school are well understood. Many articulated their feelings of professionalism and commitment to the school’s vision, through the way they perceived the fellowship within the building and the way that percolates into all aspects of the school’s activities and actions, supported by a raft of strategies to encourage positive engagement and effective development for all stakeholders. The Leadership are commitment to the encouraging all members of school to consider themselves invaluable contributors to continuing to develop the school. The students are nurtured in their academic and pastoral development through a responsible, comprehensive and caring school working environment which is seen as an essential part of the fabric of the school’s and Trust’s vision. This vision is supported by the policy and practice of training and development, one that recognises effective CPD: Training and Development, is an essential element in developing every stakeholder. The Governing Body supports the continued development of CPD and with the recent election of a new Chairperson, has embarked upon ensuring increased accountability through a professional review process to ensure they are effective in the governance of CPD and all aspects of the school. They are seen as extremely supportive and have embraced the training offered through a wide range of deliverers and activities. The Leadership Team are aware of areas for development and are already addressing aspects of delivery, evaluation and impact. They are endeavouring to create a positive learning environment that supports individuals and encourages learning. In conclusion, Abbey Grange Academy has attained the threshold in all measurements and I therefore recommend the school be awarded the CPD Mark.
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