Contact Details Abbey Grange C of E Academy Butcher Hill Leeds LS16 5EA Telephone: 0113 2757877 Email: Address emails to Miss. F Wiggins Important Contacts Chair of Governors: Mr. Steve Simkins Principal: Mr. Jon Norden Vice-Principal: Mrs. Jenny Thornton SENCO: Mr. Steve Naish Abbey Managers - Selby: Mr. Andrew Hare Fountains: Mr. Andrew Swales Whitby: Miss. Joanne Etherington Rievaulx: Mr. Craig Darlington Bolton: Miss. Vicki Hall Easby: Mrs. Wendy Hirlam When wishing to contact one of the above contacts, please email the email address given above, and state - 'For the attention of....'

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Abbey Multi Academy Trust, c/o Chapter House, Abbey Grange C of E Academy, Butcher Hill, Leeds, LS16 5EA Tel: 0113 275 7877 Fax: 0113 275 4794 Company No.: 07705552