What will I learn? This GCSE will give you a thorough overview into Health, Social Care and Early years and will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to work effectively in any health care setting. Unit 1 - Understanding Personal Development and Relationships the stages and pattern of human growth and development the different factors that can affect human growth and development the development of self - concept and personal relationships major life changes and how people deal with them the role of relationships in personal development. Unit 2 - Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision the range of care needs of major client groups (consisting of one of the following : Infants, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, later adulthood, disabled people) the types of service that exist to meet client group needs the ways people can obtain care services the barriers that can prevent people from gaining access to services the main work roles and skills of people who provide health, social care and early years care and education services the principles of care that underpin all care work with clients. How will I be assessed? Unit 1 is assessed by an external exam worth 40% of the final mark. Unit 2 involves producing two separate pieces of coursework based on how the needs of a client group may be met by service providers in the local area. The coursework is worth 60% of the final mark and is completed in lessons using laptops in the Health & Social Care rooms. What could I move onto? Health and Social Care is a subject that enables students to gain the knowledge and understanding that will open up a range of career opportunities including childcare, teaching, midwifery, nursing, occupational health, dietician, paramedic, social work, mental health services, and counselling. You could also choose to continue your study of Health & Social care at A Level in the sixth form.
Exam Board: AQA Course title and type of qualification: GCSE Health & Social Care Links & Resources
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