What do I need to study the course? Preferably achieved a B grade or above in any Design & Technology GCSE. Alternatively, good grades in your GCSEs and a willingness to work hard to learn new concepts and develop practical skills. What does the course involve? In terms 1 and 2 of Year 12: Students develop their designing and making skills through an assignment to make a prototype MP3 Amplifier with Lights - combining electronics, resistant materials and graphics. They use this project to compile a portfolio for the design and manufacture assignment - following the AQA assessment criteria. Further Practical Activities cover a wide range of materials and processes available in school along with many topics highlighted in the specification for Unit1. Students carry out Product Analysis exercises to further extend their understanding of how and why products are designed to take into account material properties, function, aesthetics, manufacturing processes, new technology, environmental and social issues. Students regularly use the AQA textbook to study the other topics in preparation for sitting the Unit 1 exam in May/June. In term 3 of Year12 and all Year 13: Students work on Unit 4 which is a Major Design and Manufacture Project of their own choice. Students also study more about industrial practices and develop their skills at writing essay answers in preparation for the Unit 3 exam in May/June of Year 13. AS Level in Year 12 includes two units: Unit 1: Materials, Components and Application - exam. Unit 2: Learning Through Designing and Making – coursework. A2 Level in Year 13 also has two units: Unit 3: Design and Manufacture - exam. Unit 4: Design and Making Practice - coursework. What next? Previous students have gone to university to study degrees to become Architects, Industrial Product Designers, Electronics Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Packaging Designers, Fashion Designers, Console Games designers, Furniture designers/manufacturers, Theatre set designers/makers, etc.
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