What do I need to study the course? A minimum of five GCSE grades 9 - 5 including a grade 5 in Maths. You do not need to have studied GCSE Business Studies or Economics to take this course. What does the course involve? AS / A Level Economics is a popular choice for students in the sixth form and those who wish to study Economics at degree level. It has a diverse spread of topics so it appeals to a variety of students. This subject is for the “All Rounder”, the person who is as happy writing an in depth report as solving a maths problem. If you have an interest in current affairs and watching TV documentaries about the political and business / economic world then you will find this subject stimulating and interesting. Students enjoy this contemporary course and it is a subject valued by universities and employers. The course covers the national economy, inflation, unemployment, economic growth and how governments use various policies such as taxation or interest rates to influence the economy. It also looks at personal economic behaviour and the behaviour of firms e.g. what influences wages or investment. We examine issues such as why professional footballers get paid a great sum of money, whilst refuse collectors are paid much less. You will study 5 main topic areas. AS Level The Operations of Markets & Market Failure The National Economy in a Global Context A2 Level Markets & Market Failure The National & International Economy Economic Principles and Issues What next? Economics provides access to a wide range of degree courses in higher educational establishments. Economics also opens up opportunities for careers in Accountancy; Banking; Local or Central government; Finance; Law; Risk Management and Business Finance to name only a few.
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