A 2011 Confederation of British Industry survey found that 70% of employers want employability skills taught in schools. With competition for jobs and university places being so tough, experience beyond the purely academic is increasingly recognised as an important asset. It is no longer enough to simply do well in academic subjects in order to secure a place at University or a good job. University admissions tutors and workplace recruitment officers are now increasingly looking for more. They want to see rounded individuals who have attempted to explore their potential. They want to see sixth formers gathering experience in different areas in order to develop a broad range of skills and attributes. Universities are also interested in whether a student has the ability to cope with a broad range of activities alongside their academic work; revealing their organisational skills and personal qualities. Consequently Abbey Grange is introducing the Life Enrichment and Empowerment Programme (LEEP) designed to give students the opportunity to gain crucial transferable skills found in team-work, independent thinking, project management and communication. It can provide opportunities for those who either already have an idea of what they would like to study in higher education or the field in which they would like to work, and also those pupils who simply wish to develop existing interests or pursue new ones. We want our sixth formers to develop fully their talents and interests and to be able to demonstrate a broad range of interests and achievements in the increasingly competitive market for university places and job opportunities. In addition, we also want sixth formers to have time away from their academic work to relax and pursue their broader interests and hobbies. Enrichment activities include: Art and Sports Leaders Events organiser Fund raising Gardening Health and well being leader Learning and teaching assistant Learning sign language Mentoring Parent Association liaison Primary School assistant Social events organsier Support work Website managing Our aim is to ensure that pupils leave Abbey Grange Academy as confident, happy and independent young adults, fully prepared for the challenges that life will inevitably provide. Great A level grades are only part of the mix, and it is increasingly clear that to fully realise their potential, pupils need to develop skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork. Learning, therefore, must extend way beyond the walls of the classroom.
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