Maths What do I need to study the course? You should ENJOY mathematics. You must have studied the higher level paper and gained at least a grade 7. What does the course involve? Year 12 - AS (All assessment is by examination (Edexcel)). There are 2 papers to be taken at the end of year 12. Pure Maths Algebra and Functions Indices and Surds Integration Differentiation Quadratics Coordinate Geometry and Graphs Trigonometry Statistics and Mechanics (1 hour) Representation of Data Probability Statistical Distributions Hypothesis Testing Kinematics Forces Moments A2 is similar in year 13, with the following papers being taken Paper 1: Pure Maths (2 hours) Paper 2: Pure Maths (2 hours) Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics (2 hours) All of the content of AS Level Maths (above) will be covered in A Level Maths, alongside additional content: Partial fractions Parametrics Further Trigonometry Further Calculus Numerical Methods What next? In research it has been found that people with an A-level in maths earn 10% more than those without! Many University courses demand maths A-level e.g. Maths, Computing, Engineering, Medicine etc. Maths is also highly valued by prospective employers.
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