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What do I need to study the course? To study Politics you should have an interest in current affairs and politics and/or want to know more about the subject. You need a grade 5 or above in GCSE English Language. What does the course involve? AS Politics Overview and Assessment Politics is a subject you are familiar with, even though you may not yet realise it! In the news every day is coverage about how we govern ourselves, who has power and who makes the decisions. Our whole society and the way we live are shaped by politics. In component 1 of the course we examine the ways people participate in politics in Britain. We also study the electoral systems used in this country and examine the reasons people vote as they do. In component 2 we examine how decisions are made by considering the role of Parliament and the Prime Minister. A2 Politics Overview and Assessment Component 3 of the A2 Politics course focuses on the USA including the US Constitution and federalism, the role of congress, the president and Supreme Court. Students will also consider issues of democracy and participation and civil rights in the USA. At A2 students will also be required to study core political ideas such as conservatism and socialism. What next? Studying Politics will develop your analytical and research skills and knowledge of how the world works, and is therefore a prized qualification for entry into university and employment. Politics students become journalists, lawyers, civil servants and teachers. They may also go on to work for political parties, international organisations like the European Union and United Nations, or other organisations like trade unions.
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