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What do I need to study the course? GCSE English, History, RS or Sociology at grade C or above. It is not necessary to have studied Sociology at GCSE. What does the course involve? Everybody is part of society. What we often do not realise is that the society in which we live shapes our experiences of life and who we are. We like to think we are free-thinking and choice making individuals, but how true is this? Can we really do what we want or is our behaviour actually shaped by social forces beyond our control such as our social class, our ethnicity and our gender? At AS-level, you will do two units: Families and Households looking at issues such as marriage, divorce and family life and how these have been shaped by gender, social class, ethnicity, nationality and globalisation. The second is Education and Research Methods, which looks at how a person’s background (e.g. social class, ethnicity, gender etc.) might influence their chances of doing well in school. It also focuses on the research skills required to undertake sociological studies, etc. If you are successful at AS-level, you can proceed to the A2 course which involves the study of Beliefs in Society and Crime and Deviance with Research Methods. There are three exams at the end of A2, each lasting 2 hours. Those wishing to achieve AS level but not continue to A2 have the option of sitting two one and a half hour exams in the summer following year 12 to achieve the qualification What next? An A-level in Sociology provides an excellent background for careers in law, the criminal justice system, journalism, the caring professions, social work, policing, local council, advertising, market research, teaching and a range of management and business areas.
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