We believe that clear support and guidance in a safe, caring community enables our students to feel happy, confident and secure. We work on the principle that teachers have the right to teach and students the right to learn, in a classroom free from disruptive behaviour. We expect polite, considerate behaviour from everyone. We value courtesy, good manners and respect for others, and will not tolerate rude, aggressive or anti-social behaviour. Our rewards system encourages students to behave well and to achieve their best. The school has a strong emphasis on promoting healthy lifestyles. We have held the Advanced Level for Leeds Healthy Schools since 2003, with an increasing commitment to healthy eating and water in school. A general feeling of safety, wellbeing and belonging is felt by the majority of students in school when asked. This is reflected in the consistently high levels of attendance and the enthusiasm with which students participate in school life. We have a range of mentoring activities in school and a well-organised and supportive pastoral system. We operate a Vertical Tutoring/House System with each student belonging to an Abbey with experienced and caring Heads of Abbey, Pastoral support Managers and Form Tutors. Our work on transfer is effective and thorough so that both students and parents are supported during the move to secondary school. In addition to this, all students get involved in enterprise activities, and we enjoy many links with industry and commerce. Work-related opportunities are provided both locally and nationally as part of a two-week programme in Year 10 and as part of the curriculum at other times. Fundraising is an important part of the Abbey Grange ethos – students are regularly involved in activities to support local and national charities.
Abbey Multi Academy Trust, c/o Chapter House, Abbey Grange C of E Academy, Butcher Hill, Leeds, LS16 5EA Tel: 0113 275 7877 Fax: 0113 275 4794 info@abbeygrangeacademy.co.uk Company No.: 07705552