PSHCE is taught by all staff on five drop down days throughout the year. The whole school comes off timetable and the day is split into four sessions. Students work in groups of no more than 20 and experience topics relevant to their age group and development. We also have a number of outside agencies taking part e.g. Fire Service, West Yorkshire Police, Leeds Faith in Schools. Below we have outlined the themes for each year group for the five days.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Year 7 - Theme: Transition Team Building Chaplaincy/Worship Bonfire Night Safety Our School Community. A Place to Learn Year 8 - Theme : Health and well being Bonfire Night Safety Parental Drinking Alcohol - How to know if a risk is worth taking Ban Smoking? Year 9 - Theme : Health and well being Smoking Prevention Lesson Bonfire Night Safety Drugs Education - Cannabis Drugs and Alcohol and the Law Year 10 - Theme : Health and well being Heartstart/First Aid Dealing with Stress Organisation and Study Skills What to do in an emergency? Year 11 - Theme: Careers and Financial Capability Pathways Presentation Personal Statements Interview Skills Moving Out and Moving On Year 12 - Theme : Health and well being STI's (Boys and girls separately) Drugs Education (Boys and girls separately) Different choices - different consequences Human Trafficking Year 13 - Theme : Careers Personal statements Interviews with Achievement Directors
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Year 7 - Theme: Personal Well Being The Bystander - Bullying eSafety Community Cohesion - looking at different situations from different peoples perspectives Resolving Conflict Year 8 - Theme : Careers & Financial Capability Options Information The Trade Game Choosing Options Enterprise Year 9 - Theme : Personal Well Being/Citizenship Powers of the Police Race Hate Crime - Stephen Lawrence Health Survey Doing the right thing - Criminal Justice System Year 10 - Theme : Personal Well Being, SRE and Drugs Education Self-Image Drugs Education Substance Use and Behaviour Rights and Responsibilities Year 11 - Theme: Personal Well Being, SRE and Drugs Education Different Expectations/Assertiveness Crossing the Line - Drugs Education Post 16 Applications - Careers/University/Gap Year Research Revision Techniques/Exam Technique/Sleep etc. Year 12 - Theme : Emotional Health Stress Self harming From moody teenager to feeling so low Sport and stress relief Year 13 - Theme : Personal Well Being Drugs and alcohol - Sue Stone Heartstart and First Aid Risk - 'There's a fine line between taking a calculated risk and doing something stupid' Risk Taking, Sexual Health and Support
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Year 7 - Theme: Personal Well Being - Health Education Adolescents Anonymous - Alcohol Dealing with Scenarios - Being Safe in Different Situations British Red Cross - Life. Live it. Basic First Aid Volatile Substances Year 8 - Theme : Personal Well Being - Health and Safety Consequences - Road Traffic Collisions First Aid Dealing with Distractions - Road Safety Personal Safety Year 9 - Theme : Personal Well Being - Drugs Education Relationships and Making Choices Pressures and Choices (Blast and Isis) Alcosex Don't Deny an STI Year 10 - Theme : Personal Well Being Exercise and Stress Relief Young People Dealing with Bereavement Self Harming Healthy Living Year 11 - Theme: Citizenship The European Union Global Justice/Refugees Act now with West Yorkshire Police Conflict Between Protecting Security and Protecting Human Rights or 9/11 Year 12 - Theme : Personal Well Being - Citizenship Health and Safety Work Placement Tips for finding the best wok placement for you In the Driving Seat eSafety Self Defence Year 13 - Theme : Careers and Financial Capability - Post 16 Life Presentation by Newcastle University Car Maintenance Flat Packs Budgeting
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Year 7 - Theme: Personal Well Being Relationships - Leeds Faith in Schools Sex - What Is It? Media, body image How do we communicate? Year 8 - Theme : Financial Capability Gender Stereotypes Value for money Saving Money How we see other people? Year 9 - Theme : Personal Well Being - Safety Alcohol Presentation Domestic Violence eSafety Eah Consequences Year 10 - Theme : Citizenship Mock Trial Laws to stop, allow and protect Fairtrade Fortnight Jobs and Skills Year 11 - Theme: Personal Well Being - Safety In the Driving Seat Labour Market/Trends at Work Boundaries in Relationships Health Survey Year 12 - Theme : Personal Safety Day Emergency Services and PC Wilkinson Year 13 - Theme : Personal Well Being Organ Donating Presentation - Anthony Nolan Stress Relief with Sport Act Now with West Yorkshire Police
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Year 7 - Theme: Careers and Citizenship Guide Dogs for the Blind Careers - The World of Work Health Survey Careers - My World of Work Year 8 - Theme : Careers Health and Citizenship Holiday Safety Human Rights Charity/In the News Lesson Study Skills linked to GCSE Year 9 - Theme : Citizenship/Careers Hate Crime Unit - West Yorkshire Police LFIS Money Management (CAP) Weapon Awareness - PC Wilkinson University of Leeds Smoking Research Year 10 - Theme : Careers Day Preparation for Careers Fair Motivational Speaker Teachers' Careers Paths - 4 teachers to talk for 15 minutes on a carousel about previous jobs and careers choices Employability Skills Year 12 - Theme : Progress Day Newcastle University Presentation All year 12 students with Form Tutors
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