Article By: Mrs R. Robinson Published Date: 17/05/2017 Through the Scholars Programme, The Brilliant Club works to achieve its goal of closing the gap between privately educated and state-educated pupils who progress to highly selective universities. The Scholars Programme comprises a series of academic, small-group tutorials delivered by a doctoral or post-doctoral researcher or a PhD Tutors, to high performing pupils in non-selective state schools. These tutorials are designed to emulate university-style learning. They are designed to stretch pupils to work at a Key Stage above their current level. I believe that the tutorials, along with the launch trip and graduation event, help to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and ambition needed to make informed choices when applying to top universities, and ultimately to secure a place at a highly selective university. The Scholars Programme gives pupils the opportunity to engage with and learn about 'super-curricular' topics, which build on the research, expertise and subject knowledge of the PhD Tutors. The tutor will deliver tutorials and then the students will complete a final assignment. Congratulations to all the students who took part in the programme. It was challenging for all the students who took part; they showed strength and resilience to keep going when they were faced with a range of challenges. The final marks reflect the hard work that was put in by the students with 9 Students achieving a first, 2 students achieving a 2.1 and one student achieving a 2.2. Comments from pupils and parents regarding the programme Pupils “I highly enjoyed the Graduation Trip and reflecting on the work of the past couple of weeks. I think that the programme is very influential and wish to take part again in future” “It was fun and interesting to learn about the university” “The Graduation Trip has made me appreciate my effort and time, as I completed successfully” Parents “It’s an excellent programme, and my child is very proud of being selected to it. She has worked hard on her assignments, and was so excited to visit the universities” “Today, and the whole programme, have been a positive experience in terms of promoting university education” “I was extremely proud that my son was chosen and delighted that he had the opportunity” “I think our daughter was particularly challenged by this process and she was sometimes frustrated with what she was required to learn about. The main learning point is she needs to ask question very early in the process! She was very pleased that she stuck with it and completed it.” “I think the Scholars Programme is a fantastic idea to stretch pupils’ thinking and academic ability”
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