Article By: Kirsty Taylor, Drama Teacher Published Date: 10/03/2016 Five days of auditions, four months of rehearsals, countless show dreams, two playwrights, and a moment to finally think ‘wow, we did it!”. We knew attempting the most recognised love story ever written would bring its own challenges, so adapting Romeo & Juliet with one of the most famous musicals was ambitious to say the least. We ventured into the Shakespearian realm of gangs, rivalry, romance, loyalty and tragedy, but with over seventy Abbey Grange students in tow, it actually became rather uplifting! The enthusiasm from students, both backstage, onstage, orchestra and beyond, has been inspiring. Not only have students dedicated their time and energy, but they’ve shown commitment beyond anything I would expect at this young age. Genuine passion and enthusiasm, which has been at the heart of the creative process, making an extremely challenging job wholly enjoyable. And so, lines were learned, skills developed, actors matured and scenes were born; from capturing the anger in the politest of boys (then trying to make them dance with said anger!) to capturing the anguishing grief in lovers and family alike, students have pushed the boundaries, shared experiences, (and numerous selfies!) forming a family which ultimately reflects the ethos here at Abbey Grange. To Educate: we have learnt the ideals of theatre, of love, of loyalty, of life. To Nurture: we have nurtured ideas, skills, talent friendships, and experiences. To Empower: we have led, choreographed, shared, fought, and conquered. So we thank those students for being involved, and hope you will let this experience fuel your fire, wherever you glow next. And we also thank the staff and their indisputable efforts, who without, there would be no show... ‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.’ William Shakespeare.
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